Transport & Traffic engineering is a function of the initial and long-term costs, project impacts, network analysis, public transport access, public involvement and aesthetic value. We work with you to meet your specific project needs. Our signature projects involve the planning and design of roads and car parks, transportation planning; traffic engineering and parking studies; design and supervision of roadworks, drainage; parking stations and bridges; feasibility and market studies; physical land use planning and design of large residential subdivisions; hydrology, hydraulics and flood plain management; environmental impact studies, interchange modifications, traffic signal planning, design, pavement design and road design.

The specialties required to complete these projects are linked with an effective and proven strategy for success. Our team will help you consider how to successfully integrate transportation support services such as, bridges and structures, utilities into the design of your project. Our in-house engineering and architectural services give us the opportunity to provide solutions to all of your needs from one source. Accessibility both vehicular and pedestrian is crucial to the success of businesses and the economic well-being of communities. We analyze your transport and traffic engineering needs and provide cost-effective solutions to keep traffic moving safely and efficiently.

Transportation Systems Designs

  • Highways
  • Intersection/interchange improvements
  • Major arterials
  • Municipal streets
  • Parking facilities
  • Traffic signal systems
  • Trail Facility Design

Transportation Engineering Studies

  • Corridor studies
  • Traffic access and impact studies
  • Travel – time, delay, and speed studies
  • Parking and site circulation studies
  • Pedestrian studies
  • Public Involvement
  • Funding Assistance
  • Traffic Management

Traffic Engineering Projects include:

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