We have conducted thousands of feasibility studies for traffic, civil and architectural  projects. The first step is a land or site  assessment to see whether the location can work for the project. Even a small-scale feasibility study entails reviewing the client’s needs, topography, and government ordinances. Companies that need a more detailed analysis take the study further, to include more detailed site drawings and preliminary plans by one of our qualified architects and engineers.

The architect also provides specifications for building parts and types of building materials, as well as a conceptual description of the facility’s mechanical and electrical systems. These preliminary plan drawings and specifications help establish a cost base, so the builder  or quantity surveyor can then develop a realistic statement of probable cost for your study, also taking into account owner requirements, town ordinances and land development needs.

A study’s other components include a preliminary schedule, which covers the planning steps and time frame from study completion to project approval and any off-site improvements required by the municipality, such as adding any traffic management devices to accommodate additional traffic flow to and from your facility.


Feasibility Study Project includes:

Westbourne Ave Bexley – New Building Architectural and Concept Design

external view of model
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